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What we’ve learned about office interiors…

Ontarget Interiors - 6th Jul 2019 - 0 comments

We are interior designers and space planning consultants and we got it wrong!

It’s interesting to think that a professional in their field can make mistakes in their own industry. However, you only get an opportunity to constantly improve and better yourself or your environment, if you take chances and are willing to get things wrong. This is how we grow, improve and learn.

Think of your office interiors like you would software or app development. While the original design of the app may be approved and released, it is never perfect and has to stay relevant, by constant upgrades. You’re constantly encouraged to update apps on your phone – these updates are put in place to accommodate improvements and to fix glitches and this process is and should be ongoing.

Now what if we applied the same thought to office interiors? The only way to truly get the perfect office interior is to enable it to constantly change. The change is dependent on numbers of staff, the type of work and tasks being completed, and interaction between teams, or just refreshing the overall look and feel.

Because of this, we have to create offices that can accommodate continuous changes and improvements, as human beings and as employees. If we were to design offices that remained the same over the period of your lease, the growth of your company would be stunted, employees would become bored and disinterested and so many opportunities as an organisation would be lost.

In closing, don’t be afraid to get it wrong or test your interior design solution. Make sure that you are ever changing, ever updating and ever improving – whatever it is that you create.