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How to get back to work in our new normal

Ontarget Interiors - 6th May 2020 - 0 comments


It’s a new week, and we hope you’re all keeping well and healthy through these difficult times. With lockdown slowly lifting, so are people’s spirits – we hope! If your business is in an industry that’s allowed to resume operations, you or your employees may be concerned as to how safe they are when returning to their workplace.

To help guide you through this phase as an employer, we’ve come up with a way to help you with a plan to prepare your company and your premises for the post-lockdown return. We’ve outlined this in our short explainer video below:


In the same style of this video, we’re able to create a customised explainer video for your company, detailing the exact measures you’re taking to keep everyone safe.

Beyond that, we’re also here to help you prepare your office space for the return of your employees, including the following

1. Post-lockdown detox clean: A deep clean of your office from top to toe, including a thorough disinfecting of all work surfaces.
2. Hand wash stations: Positioned at the entrance to your offices, these will include a motion-sensor water spout.
3. Hand sanitiser hot spots: These will be positioned around your office, along with an information poster above them.
4. “Kick Corona Kit” for staff: A “first day at the office” pack that contains hand sanitiser, sanitiser spray, a surgical mask, spare spray bottle and information card.
5. Social distancing office layout: We’ve attached an example of a social distancing office layout, indicating suggested new seating arrangements, meeting room occupancies and hot spots. We’re happy to create a layout specific to your office should you need one.
6. Signage: Posters and floor markings to demarcate social distancing.

If you need help with any of this, please get in touch. Here’s to keeping Covid-19 under control – because we’re all in this together!