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Bongani Rainmaker

Bongani Rainmaker Logistics are a tech-focused logistics company at their core, but they’re also an innovative solutions company with a close knit employee community.

For their new Modderfontein premises, we communicated these varying identities by creating a chic industrial feel that still has a sense of warmth.

Alongside the sophisticated grey colour palette, clean lines and contemporary furniture, we incorporated black and white prints of employees on the walls, warm hanging lights over the three volume light-filled stairwell, and pops of greenery in box planters throughout the space.

“As it turned out the On Target team were condensers of time, multipliers of options and magicians of execution. Their eye for the finest details impressed me, while always keeping a close eye on budget. Above all, the team was easy to engage with and a pleasure to work with.

Given the long-term benefits that a well planned work space provides, the investment in the multi-faceted services offered by Ontarget has paid dividends that has even made our auditors smile.”

– Oliver Schwankhart, Managing Director